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"I help organizations deliver focused-driven solutions that convert into engaged employees..."

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Lyman Montgomery Engagement Agency, LLC

 "I help organizations deliver focused-driven solutions that convert into engaged employees..."

What We Do

We help HR professionals go from overwhelmed and reactive to strategic and empowered so they can effectively enhance employee engagement and drive organizational success.  Lyman Montgomery Engagement Agency, LLC, stands at the forefront of transforming workplace dynamics, specializing in boosting employee engagement, leadership development, and organizational success.


With a deep-rooted belief in the power of focused leadership and the potential of every individual, the agency offers a suite of services including personalized coaching, strategic consulting, and tailored workshops designed to elevate teams and leaders alike.


Led by the visionary expertise of Dr. Lyman Montgomery, the agency not only promises to enhance professional environments but also to inspire a culture of performance excellence and continuous growth.


Whether you're looking to inspire your workforce, develop impactful leaders, or reshape your organizational culture, Lyman Montgomery Engagement Agency, LLC, provides the tools and insights necessary for the journey toward unparalleled success.

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Secure Your Copy Now! Dive into Dr. Lyman's latest groundbreaking work, "Harmony in the Hustle: Reimagining Employee Relations for the Modern Workforce." This transformative book is set to redefine the paradigms of human resources, labor, and employee relations, tailored for today’s dynamic workforce. 

Success Stories

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Partial Client List

Geogetown University
key Bank
National Affican American obacco Prevention etwork
Department of Wildlife Services
Shawnee state
Jobs Plus
US Virgin Islands
United Way
Wright State University
Ohio University
Wilberforce University
Wright State University
West Virginia State
Welsey Christian Center
Trotwood Madison High School
University of Dayton
Shawnee State University
Purdue University
Ohio Department of Wildlife Services
Butler University
National Urban League
West Virgina University
Central State University
Miami Valley College
Butler Tech
Double Tree Hotel
Howard University
Kaplin College
Allen Boozman Hamilton
Hocking College
Jobs Plus
AGC of America
Will Harris Consulting
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Global Speakers Federation
Boys Scouts of America
Global Compliance
HR Trainnline
Western Governors University
GC Planners
Training Doyens
Six Sigma
Hobart, INC
Inspiring Speakers
IN Chamber of Commerce

Before emerging as a dynamic speaker, accomplished author, and engagement strategist who wields influence, Dr. Lyman Montgomery grappled with setbacks stemming from a lack of focus. 

Driven by frustration, Dr. Montgomery embarked on an 18-month self-discovery journey that forever altered his life.  In those 18 months, he tirelessly researched and tested techniques that harnessed focus; banished distractions, and conquered chronic procrastination.

The results of his research were nothing short of remarkable: the ability to shatter distractions, eliminate chronic procrastination, sharpen focus to a laser-like precision, and skyrocket productivity. That was more than two decades ago.

Today, Dr. Lyman Montgomery brings an impressive legacy of over three decades in global speaking, human resources, and coaching to the doorsteps of HR professionals and executives worldwide. He is the visionary behind Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC, a highly sought-after conference speaker, consultant, and bestselling international author.

He hosts the top-rated podcast, 'Your Focused Driven Day with Dr. Lyman Montgomery,' boasting over 20,000 downloads per episode. He's graced the pages of renowned magazines like Business Innovator Magazine, Business in Action Magazine, and Presentainer Magazine.

With a Ph.D. in Business Administration concentrating on Focused Employee Engagement, Dr. Montgomery is a Master Level NLP Practitioner and a Master Six Sigma Blackbelt. He holds professional certifications in business, human resources, and life coaching. His accolades include the esteemed Best Presenter Award, the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Community Leader Award, and the Empowered Leader Award.  He is a member of the International Association of Coaching.

His motto rings clear: Focus, Prioritize, Achieve...


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Cheerleader: With boundless energy and a heart full of support, you're the ultimate team motivator! Embrace your cheerleader spirit and watch your business skyrocket with positivity!

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Construction Worker

Construction Worker: You're all about building strong foundations and creating tangible results! Your practical approach ensures your business stands tall amid challenges. Embrace your construction worker spirit and craft the business of your dreams!


Commander: Fearlessly leading the charge, you steer your team towards greatness! Your charisma and determination make you an extraordinary leader. Embrace your commanding spirit and conquer the business battlefield! 

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Chess Master: Strategic moves are your specialty! Your ability to plan and strategize makes you an unstoppable force in business. Embrace your chess player spirit and let your calculated brilliance lead the way to victory! 

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Chemist: You're the master of experimentation and discovery! Your inquisitive nature fuels your quest for innovation. Embrace your chemist spirit and let your scientific brilliance revolutionize your business!

What We Do