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The Full Story

In a world where images of trauma have become an almost daily occurrence,
there’s a need to educate the general public about the lasting impact trauma has on survivors,
their families, and communities, and give people hope again for a better future. 
unMASKing HOPE is a new feature documentary from filmmaker Eric Christiansen (ECP) 
that explores the elusive face of trauma through the stories of a disparate group
of survivors who have experienced unthinkable crises and don “masks”
to hide their pain.


Using in-depth personal interviews, soulful animation, scientific support and expert commentary, the film goes behind their MASKS to uncover their deepest wounds — the years of abuse, social stigma, and moral injury that have scarred their souls. As we are taken on their journey from seclusion to inclusion, we realize that the aggregate stories of these brave individuals share a powerful message of HOPE, inspiring us to unMASK our own HOPE.

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