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Speaker's  Camp

Lyman at Speakers LYFE Camp

One of our annual training is Speakers LYFE Bootcamp.  The weekend training event teaches you to consistently attract a steady stream of speaking and training opportunities, which positions you as an authority in your niche and gives you the power to promote yourself or your business using our signature Focused Story Casting Blueprint.  Our purpose is to help you skyrocket your sales through focused story casting, no whether you're:

  • An author looking for better exposure and pre-order sale of your book

  • A coach desiring to get better results for your individual or group coaching clients

  • A thought leader who wants to grow a loyal following so your thought-provoking insights can inspire them 

  • An entrepreneur strategically positioned as an authority in your own niche

  • A speaker looking to improve your platform sales conversion.

We don't teach you to tell great stories; however, telling a great story may get you applause, but it will not necessarily get you high-value clients.  Focused Story Casting is about bringing your audience and stage with you; they become part of your story; it's an immersive experience that builds engagement, creating a "call and response" synergy. 

We teach that every story needs to have three key ingredients to keep the audience engaged:

  • Spicy gossip

  • Specifically relevant

  • Socially newsworthy


Let me prove it to you: Have you ever overheard someone talking about something they heard about a celebrity or someone else?  The conversation usually begins with, " You will never guess whom I saw with...?"  Notice how this sentence pulls you into the conversation?  The same is true when you learn to use a focused story-casting blueprint.​

Through focused story casting, you learn to make the audience an integral part of the storyline; when this happens, you now have an impact, and afterward, the audience says, "You were speaking to me..."I saw myself in your story..."  They can relate to and feel the tension and emotions of the characters in your story.  Here are the benefits of working with me and my team:

  • You learn how to position yourself as the only logical choice in the eyes of your audience.

  • You will discover how to stand out from the crowd so you stop being perceived as just another vanilla speaker in a sea of vanilla speakers.

  • Solidify your ranking in Google as the #1 expert in your industry

  • How to use social media to get booked consistently.

  • Discover how to grow your social media following with the right type of followers.

  • Mastering 15 of the powerful verbal and nonverbal body gestures to keep audiences engaged

  • How to use mental and physical distractions (loss of focus) to your advantage on the stage

  • Networking with those looking to grow and expand their influence through partnerships and joint-venture collaborations


Here is another key: we teach you to avoid vague value prepositions and instead deliver value through your message.  We believe you have a message that can impact others, the community, the nation, and even the world. See how focused story casting can help you book more speaking gigs and position you as the sought-after leader in your niche.


We look forward to serving you.

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